Top Local Album of the Year – Tee Vee

Top Local Album of the Year - Tee Vee
Top Local Album of the Year - Tee Vee

Houston Chronicle’s Top Local Album of the Year – Tee Vee

“Top Local Album of the Year – Tee Vee”
“Tee Vee is the musical guise of Teresa Vicinanza, a singer-songwriter, operating from her home base of Houston, Texas.” as it states on her Facebook Page

Tee Vee is a welcome addition to the Houston Underground Scene. Her lite and soulful abmitent synthpop is just on the edge of Noir without being too dark, while not pushing to far into the realm of Fairy Pop. Tee Vee strikes an amazing balance with her work, capturing feelings and emotions, holding them close, and then releasing them back into the ether.

This is not music to dance too. This is music to feel too! To think too! To explore where you are in your own emotional head space! Tee Vee adds something special to the mix you can’t define. She creates a unique energy that brings each individual explorer together into a shared common experience.

Tee Vee is getting noticed!

The Houston Chronicle voted Tee Vee’s album Soft Spot one of Houston’s Top Local Album of 2019.

According to The Chronicle ” Teresa Vicinanza, with an assist from Daniela Hernandez, makes glitchy, glittering pop that should satisfy both hipsters and mainstream fans. It’s a sweet, inspired collection lifted by Vicinanza’s airy vocals and synth-heavy arrangements. “

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