The Fall of Unity. An examination of hate in the vampire community.

Project Hate Mail
Project Hail Mail

“The Fall of Unity. An examination of hate in the vampire community.” Is a serious examination of the activities of elements of the vampire community. This work contains examination of subjects such as stalking, bullying, transphobia, homophobia, and language. This article may not be suitable for all readers.

On September 17, 2017 Logan South, Daily South, Gia Bathory , Maven Lore, along with with over 40 other members of the vampire organization called Unity came together to destroy the lives of two people. One person is Contesa Mircalla Karnstein, the Vampire Queen of Denver Colorado. The second person is myself, Michael Vachmiel, Vampire King of Houston.

Contesa has told her story.

Now I will tell mine.

The Fall of Unity
The Fall of Unity

As can be sean cleary above, Logan and Gia are addressing me. They are also instructing their members to remain silent and not to respond to any accusations about their behavior and actions. What behaviors and actions you may ask. We can start with their views on Contesa.

The Fall of Unity
The Fall of Unity
The Fall of Unity
The Fall of Unity
The Fall of Unity

Examining their words, there is an obviously jealousy issues. “She is poaching members” Gia expressed. “She makes us look like role players” is Maven Lores Remarks. Maven goes on further to express concern that Vampire Courts may be seen as “Vampire Fan Clubs”. If Courts are not Vampire Fan Clubs, Maven Lore, then what exactly are they, hate group? Stalking Organizations? Cyber Lynch Mob? Daly South goes onto express that they see Contessa as “A Real Threat” A threat to what? Ticket Sales because she is “poaching members of your fan clubs”? Mavens words of calling a women a “Dick Warmer” seams to be well agreed upon by those in attendance of the chat.

So how does Unity work to destroy people? Read on!

The Fall of Unity

So once again, we see Unity leader and Founder Gia at work. Slut and Kink shaming a womens art and sexuality, calling her victim “Disgusting”. Insulting a women wanting to be a mom, insulting women after a miscarriage. Insulting a women for her style and way of dress. Destroying a person saying they need medication and psychological help simply as a means of attack with no basis in truth at all.

Then their plan is to destroy her relationship with her lover. Set up fake profiles to spy upon her. Then set up a rival organization. We will discuss these methods in future articles. Ultimately, they state their goal is to destroy her entertainment business and career.

They conclude that it would just be easier to physically assault her and be done with it. Unity and it members are not shy about the threats of physical violence.

Utility and their minions did this for three years not only in Denver, but in Houston as well. We will examine their activities in Houston in an upcoming piece.

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