COVID 19 Aid Project

Corona 19 Aid Project
Corona 19 Aid Project

COVID 19 Aid Project. Help Small Businesses and Artists recover from Corona 19.

By Michael Vachmiel March 18th 2020

Covid 19 Aid Project is The Vampire Court of Houston’s 2020 community out reach project. Lord and Lady Regent of the VCH, Michael Vachmiel and Sonia Spaw recpectivly, want to assure the community, in this is dark and bleak hour, they do not stand alone!

The goal of the Aid Project is to showcase the many wonderful people in and out of Houston that make art and small business work! This will be the first of many blogs and pod casts to do such!

We also wish to state, we are doing this for free! The Vampire Court of Houston is not taking one penny from these artists and businesses!

Pod Casts

Apple Red Replay

Apple Red Replay
Created by Kaibus and Jon Goddi they discuss topics about the real vampire culture. This link is to my interview with them that will also take you to all their aired episodes! Give them a listen!

Thorn and Moon

Thorn and Moon

No Covid 19 Aid Project can be considered complete without listing the wonderful people behind Thorn and Moon. The open air market catering to all magical and spiritual walks of life is curated by Dana Dark and Jessica. You can help support them by visiting their online store here!

Avant Garden Houston is the home to Thorn and Moon and many other community centered events. Because of the current situation, the establishment is closed.
Mariana, the owner of Avant Garden, has been gracious with her use of the club and without her and Avant Garden, Houston would not be the same! So once this crisis has passed, please go out and support!

While Thorn and Moon and Avant Garden are the heart and soul of the monthly event, the vendors are the spice that keeps things interesting!

One such vendor is Houston Hexes.

From their description

“We offer a variety of personal cleansing, smudging and asperging techniques to help recenter your energetic flow and enhance your astral form. Tarot and oracle are available to provide insight, to be interpreted by the amazing Magical Mal, who has 10 years of experience with divination; and mysteries of the occult and matters of the spirit world can be explained and worked through with a discussion with our occult consultant Billy Muerto, who, through a lifetime of research on the occult, is able to rely on a vast personal understanding of metaphysics, philosophy and sociology while also drawing on a large library of source material. Together we can help with issues related to realization of the spiritual self as well as maintaining the precious relationship between yourself and your “higher power”, or any matter of significance that you may choose… And Don’t Forget your pet- with years of veterinary experience, as technicians working with Doctors from both Western Clinical and Traditional Chinese Medicinal schools, we are able to provide friendly animal services, including pet sitting, administration of Meds and Tui Na massage and Chi alignment. -In office appointment-parties and events-Online Readings and consultationsBook with us now! Appointments are available!

Entertainers and Performers

Covid 19 Aid Project is aware that close to 20% of the United States will be unemployed during this crisis. One of the hardest hit segments of this population will be those in the entertainment profession. Please consider donating to performers as this will help them survive and continue to make art that we all love!

Top Local Album of the Year - Tee Vee
Top Local Album of the Year – Tee Vee

I did an article about local Houston artist TEE VEE just a few weeks ago. If you need soft, soul inspiring music with an electronica grove she is the siren you want to hear! Check out her bandcamp here!

Lou'a Lousie

If electronica is not your cup of tea, then this acoustic siren will south your senses in these troubled times. Lou’a Louise. From her facebook page ,

“LOU’A is an acoustic singer-songwriter originally from the rocky mountains of Colorado Springs, and raised in the northern side of Houston, TX. LOU’A’s style can be described as an indie-folk feel, with jazz tones. “

She is doing live streaming shows regularly until this mess with Covid 19 blows over! You can help support her by tipping and donating!

Virtual tip jar:
venmo: @heyhelenae

Mod Coffee House

When all this mess blows over, I am headed into Galveston for some R and R. I am going to stop in at one of the best coffee houses anywhere! Mod Coffeehouse simply serves the best Grasshoppers around!

This ends our first Covid 19 Aid Project post. As this human tragedy continues, the Vampire Court of Houston will be here to assist promoting the artistic community!

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As always Darklings, Happy Hunting!

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