Goth Guide to Surviving the Summer

How to survive the yellow ouchie thing in the sky!

Goth Guide to Surviving the Summer is a look book to help with one of the most dreaded time of year for many vampires and goths. Its hard to look cool when you are melting!

Part of the vampire and Gothic lifestyle is dealing with the yellow ouchie thing in the sky. It is no secret vampires and goths do not have the best relationship with the sun! To help you live your best unlife, here are some cool tips from Altpress!

Goth Guide to Surviving the Summer
Coffin Cooler
Goth Guide to Surviving the Summer
Goth Towl

Goth Guide to Surviving the Summer – just say no to sunburn!

Goth Block Sunscreen
Goth Block!

GOTH BLOCK SPF 50 sunscreen sachets keep goths looking ghostly, fashionista complexions milky, and helps the tatted keep their ink fresh. Our new formulation goes on easier, smoother and stays put.

So, when the shade fades and the sun comes out- for max-emo protection, oh my goth, please, BLOCK OUT!

….Or love water sports? Love the great outdoors? Heads up! – We’ve been tried and tested by Surfrider Foundation and GOTH BLOCK holds up in the water, does not sting your eyes and keeps you burn free. 

LET IT BLOCK products are:


  •  Mineral active ingredients are safer for the reefs and our own bodies. Young and old alike.
  •  We do not  have any Hawaiian banned chemicals in our formulas. Never had them, never will.
  •  Our formula does not sting your eyes when in the water. Great for water sports.
  •  Shake well before opening and start with a small amount. Rub in hands and smooth on.
  •  A little goes a long way. You don’t need much!
  • 20 botanicals, in our formula, that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and to help combat sun damage. 


  • We protect against both UVA + UVB rays.


  • No parabens here…


  • We do not test on animals or use any animal by product.


  •  A whole host of plant oils and extracts for skin soothing and anti-aging effects.


  •  We are water resistant to 80 min. Which is the maximum for sunscreens.


  •  We are recyclable and our packaging is made from recycled materials.

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