A new night for vampires

a new night
a new night
A new night for Courtiers Court International and The Vampire Court of Houston

A new night for vampires is upon the Courtier’s Court International and the Vampire Court of Houston.

A new night for vampires. That is a rather bold statement. Real Vampire Culture has been around for 40 plus years! We have been featured in films, TV, and other media. So what is left to say?


Courtiers Court International was never meant to be. We started out as The Vampire Court of Houston under the leadership of yours truly, Michael Vachmiel.

Then something amazing happened. Media came around. We started to get noticed! We started to get filmed! We started to get published! Also of sudden, we were in viral videos with tens of millions of hits!

Then we opened an Etsy Store!

Then we published a book. Launched social media.

Then jealous idiots decided to try and put us out of business. It got ugly. Then they got exposed. Then they went away.

With our success combined with our victory, we made a few changes. We turned The Vampire Court of Houston into a production company. Courtiers Court became our public face for the social and business aspects of things.

Success is great!

Then COVID hit. Courts shut down. Club shut down. Groups disbanded. Vampire groups still remained, small and local. Some international groups remained, but they are private.

So something strange happened on the way to the coffin dear readers!

We started making sister courts. We started to spread to multiple states and cities! before we knew it, we were all over the place!

Then one day, I was ask what it was like to have won the vampire wars of 2015 to 2020 and be the last surviving public, international vampire organization!?

By Set, Lilith and Lucifer! The reality sank in! We are now the oldest and only, as of this writing, public and international real vampire organization left!

So, we went into full professional mode.

We got professional tools! We set up secure web server! We expanded our products and quality on Etsy and beyond! We began to plan out projects! We deleted our less performing podcast and plan to relaunch! We invested in new computers, recording and production gear!

In short, we took our new role seriously!

So, this is our relaunch! Our rebirth! A new night for vampires!

We look forward to the many great nights ahead my Darklings!

We love you! Thank you for everything!

Michael Vachmiel
Imperator of the Courtiers Court International
Regent of the Greater Houston Area

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Courtier’s Court International is a production of The Vampire Court of Houston.

Courtier’s Court International, or CCI for short, is an international, professionally managed organization that acts as a unified court of real vampires, otherkin fae, therians or werewolves, witches, pagans, and those that dwell in the goth aesthetic and artistic underground of the culture!

CCI is also the online zine that searches for the best in arts and entertainment of the said subcultures! We hope that you are reading, sharing, liking, loving and enjoying!

While we are no Twilight Vampires Emos, we do look for the best art news, culture, style, fashion, entertainment, and more!

 Our current success is based on a simple rule! No politics, no trolls, no bullying! 
 Learn more about us here!

CCI has multiple courts around the globe! Looking for a vampire court and coven! Look no further!

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