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tales from the lair
Tales from the lair
Welcome to the Blog of Michael Vachmiel.

Welcome to Tales from the lair. Enter if you dare!

Tales from the lair is the personal blog of Michael Vachmiel. Michael Vachmiel is the creator and founder the Vampire Court of Houston and Courtiers Court.

Let’s get real about hate!
Tales from the lair!

August 11, 2020

To be blunt. If your loving, kind, granddad or crank uncle, or friend of a friend is voting for people against LGBTQ rights, civil rights, workers rights, and you belong in those categories, then they are voting to harm and even kill you and they know exactly what they are doing because your life means nothing to them so long as their classism and racism is supported.

They fully understand they are hurting or even killing you. They do not love you deep down. They don’t have a strange way of showing affection. They are willing to allow others to hurt or kill you because like all bullies they are too cowardly to do it themselves.

Yes. Your Alt Right bigots of a friend’s group or family want you dead or hurt because that is what they are voting for.

I can’t hit you any harder with the club +5 of wake up call any harder.

Anything else is pathological codependency and you need to seek help to set healthy relationship boundaries.

Safety Tools in TTRPGS

August 11, 2020
Today’s Tales from the lair is about Safety Tools. Safety Tools in TTRPGS have become a subject of ire of late.

Maybe because I am a Dom the concept of safety tools in TTRPGS does not seem strange. We employ safe words all the time. How does acting like a caring human being seam strange?

Biden Harris 2020

August 11, 2020
Tales from the lair get political!
I love and support this!

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