Eyes Warm, Eyes Wide. The music of Lilli Furfaro.

The music of Lilli Furfaro
The music of Lilli Furfaro
The music of Lilli Furfaro

The music of Lilli Furfaro is focused around the characters of the show Critical Role. For those who do not know, Critical Role is the podcast sensation that evolved tabletop role playing into art. What it has done for we Critters, the name of the fans of the show, the show has allowed us to explore our love of the show in creative ways.

One such outstanding creative is singer songwriter Lilli Furfaro.

I was introduced to Furfaro’s musical style with her song, Eyes Warm, Eyes Wide.

Malecca, a fan of Furfaro, made a animation of Furfaro’s fan song! FANCEPTION Fantastic overload of Criter Love! Malecca on Twitter!

Furfaro take the role of a bard, chronicling the tales of the heroes of Critical Role. In this case, it is the blue Tiefling Jester, created by the fantastic Laura Bailey

Jester was given further shape and form by the extremely talented Ginny Di! Seriously, follow this artist! Her production value is second to none!

One of the many great Jester Videos by Ginny Di!

What makes the music of Lilli Furfaro musical portrayal of Jester so unique from Bailey’s and Di’s, is how serious the she takes the character’s journey. Jester, normally, a outwardly funny and humorous character has her mask taken off and the young women that is the character is exposed for the world to see. Jester’s pain, her fears, her doubts, her love for her friends are all laid open.

All in a 2:26 second black and white video.

To convey so much, with so little, is amazing talent!

If you enjoy Critical Role, and the wonderful universe of artists it has inspired, the following Lilli Furfaro is a must!

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