Useful Facebook alternatives for subcultures. Reclaim your social media with these alternatives!

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Facebook Alternatives
Frustrated by Facebook’s policies? Here are some alternatives!

Why search for Facebook alternatives?

Facebook alternatives are the hottest topic on the net right now. With the economy crashing for artists and live performers, Facebook’s latest announcement that it will cancel accounts that use it’s serve for streaming live music has sent the artistic world in a downward spin.

This is not the only issue artists and the alternative community has with Facebook. Facebook is still demanding the use of “dead names” in the LGBTQ community. Facebook also is still allowing hate groups to utilize its resources.

This behavior is in addition to its long history of abusing user privacy.

We live in a 21st Century World. Communication is vital! Social Media is a vital part of small business and artists make up over 52 Billion dollars of the American Economy! The economic loss by abusive companies such as Facebook can not be tolerated!

Facebook alternatives you can use to boost your social media presence without the abuse!

Courtier’s Court is proud to present this resources to our artistic community. We believe the only thing you should have to worry about is your creative process, not your account being banned over obscure rules!


Ello calls itself “The Creators Network”. With over 1 Million monthly users, Ello is a visual tool that artists to easily showcase themselves. Ello allows artist nudes, giving a great range of creative freedom for artists. It also has a “Hire me” feature that makes networking easy.

You can join Ello at
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Witches Way

You can’t get any more Pagan and Wiccan affirming than Witches Way. Witches Way is one of the best independent micro social media sites around! They allow for personal profiles! They allow for groups! They have a main chat room! They have private messaging!

Want to promote your video? They allow it! Want to share your knowledge of the Occult and Craft to the world? They allow it! I cannot recommend Witches Way enough!

Join Witches Way here!
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No harassment. No real name policy. Allows artistic nudes. Allows Videos. Allows you to create lists. Allows you to have multiple accounts. Not Facebook.

Twitter is not perfect. Twitter does have issues. Twitter is far friendlier than Facebook. Twitters does have flaws in that it does not have groups or the ability to edit posts once posted. It does not allow a live video.

For a major site, these are small issues. The ability to post without fear of banning our friends limits is wonderful!

You can join Twitter here!
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