Werewolf Heart of the Forest

A non spoiler review of Werewolf Heart of the Forest.
By Michael Vachmiel October 13, 2020

Explore what it is like to be a new werewolf!

Werewolf Heart of the Forest was first reviewed by us as a demo back in July of 2020 and we knew it was going to be a hit. Its easy going way it approached complex Werewolf Terms. The story’s compelling narrative. The excellent choice to have pop up boxes giving further details. All this made for great game.

But we already knew all this!

Over the past few days, we have been telling the world on Twitter that this game was going to be great!

So you already know we are going to tell you to go buy this game, and you can get it as part of a bundle of White Wolf Games right now!

So this non spoiler review is for the archives!

What is Werewolf Heart of the Forest?

Werewolf Heart of the Forest is a visual novel game Developed by Different Tales and published by Walkabout Games . It is set in the World of Darkness . WOD is a Tabletop Role Playing Game world, TTRP, that has existed since 1991. World of Darkness is most famous for its game, Vampire The Masquerade, it’s video game Bloodlines, and it’s gothic inspired musical CD, Tales From the Succubus Club.

This latest addition to the World of Darkness cannon involves Werewolf The Apocalypse, a game featuring, you guessed it, werewolves.

Werewolves in World of Darkness are not mindless monsters. They are spiritual warriors, fighting for Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, against the pollution, corporate greed, and wanton destruction.

At least that is the line The Garou, what werewolves call themselves, say before they take your head off!


You play as Maia Boroditch, a woman in her twenties from the United States, who is searching for clues about her family in the last primeval forest of Central Europe. 

The Game provides you with a nifty character sheet for Maia that tracks here development! Be sure to screen capture it before completing the game!

Her companion is Anya. She is Maia’s friend from Norway, a fellow student who came to Poland to study medicine. She’s an activist. This will come into play if make certain story decisions!

Werewolf Friends
Anya and other NPCS will remember how you treat them throughout the game!

The Setting – The Puszcza

The Bialowieza Forest, also known as the Puszcza or Puszcza Bialowieska, is one of the last primeval forests in Europe, located in Poland. It’s a special place where nature exists in its most primal form right next to the big industry. 

The Puszcza is a vast area full of myths and legends, which you will also find in the game. The first people settled here 2,000 years ago, but their presence remained relatively limited.

It is here that you, as Maia, begins her journey of discovery. Along the way you met people and discover secrets about yourself and the world around you. Secrets that can help or hurt you and those around you.

Game Mechanics

Game play is simple and the decisions complex!

During your journey as Maia, a story unfolds. A story you get to create! Maia’s story is of loss, of searching for self, of longing for family.

As you respond to new story elements, Maia develops as does your story choices. Your relations with the NPCS also change throughout the game.

Choices you make build your character Maia! Its Role Play, not Roll Play!

Your relations and actions will determine certain characteristics such as Auspices, or the moon phase that is a reflection of a werewolf’s personality. Another important decision to make is your Tribe, or the werewolf family you belong too. There are several combinations of Auspices and Tribes and each combination will influence each game play.

Auspices or True Self and Tribes, your Family, will play an important role in Maia’s life!

These combinations of character development and NPC interactions in your story choices makes for fun multiple game plays and increases the game’s overall value.

Speaking of game value!

The game by itself is only $14.99 US! This is an amazing price for a game of this quality. The game can easily be replayed three to four times providing you with hours of enjoyable play time.


The game has music by the group, Irdorath. Their song Vaukalak, can be found here! For the music alone this game is outstanding! You have to check out this band if you are fan of gothic, folk, and dark music!

As a bonus, here are the lyrics in English! Your welcome!

“Three knives into the ground. Oh my Lord, answer me: The wolf’s trace below me – Is it mine or not mine? Oh my Lord, am I a beast? What then, what now? Did they force me? Or is it me, by blood? This is my way, this is my wolf sign, I will not return home, let it remain so. This is my way, this is my wolf sign, I will not return home. Vaukalak! I suffered, I endured, I turned the other cheek. But here I am in the fight: Because I have only two cheeks! Oh my Lord, I could not resist! I paid evil for evil! My time has come! I became who I became! This is my way, this is my wolf sign, I will not return home, let it remain so. This is my way, this is my wolf sign, I will not return home. Vaukalak!”

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