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Celebrating 6 years of serving the community!

What is The Vampire Court of Houston?

About us. After close to a decade, the Vampire Court of Houston has a rich history.

The VCH as a business entity.

As a business, the Vampire Court of Houston, VCH, is a producer and creator of multimedia art for the real vampire and alternative subcultures.

Our Web sites assets. Our Ebay and Etsy sites. The interactive media and products such as our podcasts, live lectures, and working with professional media.

The VCH is also well known for its tangible products and services for sale to the subcultures and beyond.

Our business face is a more private one. Our social face is what most people are interested in.

The VCH as a social institution.

As a social institution, VCH is the oldest, public, international vampire court in existence.

While there are older private, localized groups, The VCH is the oldest public organization with an impressive outer court, or open group structure,

The VCH is a professionally managed organization, ran by the business aspect of the VCH.

The VCH image is a crafted dramaturgy.

The founder, Michael Vachmiel, being a goth and real vampire with three decades of experience in the subculture forged the Vampire Court of Houston with romantic, sensual gothic imagery combined with the neo gothic reality of the urban core of our city scapes.

With such a deep and rich lookbook of culture, literature, and history, Michael Vachmiel, has shaped a ever growing piece of living art.

What inspires me is the energy of the Urban Core, the deep shadows of the city and what goes bump in the night. The streets are warm at night, holding in the days heat. They take us to and fro, from place to place, and each has their story to tell. My art is inspired by those stories.” Michael Vachmiel

While the image of the vampire court is that of art, literature and culture, the members are quite real.

The VCH is composed of Real Vampires. Psychic Vampires that drink the energy around them or Sanguine, those that drink blood.

Swans or Vampire Donors, who are vital to real vampires, provide what the real vampire needs willingly and consensually.

The real vampire community has grown over the decades to welcome others in its fold.

Real Fae (those who believe that are reincarnated from fairy souls), Otherkin (those who believe they have reincarnated from a non human soul), Pagans (those who worship different ancient gods), and Witches (those that practice the Art of Witchcraft)

Who else is welcome in The Vampire Court of Houston?

While our Inner Court is members only, our extensive outer court, The Courtiers Court, is welcome to the public. Anyone who comes in with the purpose of sharing and learning with an open mind and heart.

Anyone not welcome in the VCH?

Bullies and trolls are not welcome anywhere in our organization. Neither are people who confuse role playing with reality.

Role playing is cool.

Being unable to separate fantasy from reality is not!

How old is the organization?

The Vampire Court of Houston was founded on Halloween 2014. Halloween 2015 it became a legal business.

On May 1 2020, we created Courtiers Court to be our Outer Court and Global Network of Sister Courts.

How big is the Courtiers Court Network?
We have several Courtier Courts around the country!

So we have been serving the global community for 6 wonderful years as of October 2020.

What are the goals of the VCH

Expansion and Growth of The Courtiers Court.

The Courtiers Court is the Open, Outer Court of The VCH. It is also the name of our network of sister Courts around the world.

We looking forward to expanding and networking our organization to show the world the quality we represent.

Leadership of the community.

The best example of leadership is our charity outreach.

For instance, take these examples.

In 2017 The VCH has raised over $4000 for Hurricane Harvey, Friends for Life, and other organizations.

In 2018 The VCH donated a $500.00 gift to Dem Damn Dames burlesque troupe to help raise money for Planned Parenthood.

In 2019 The VCH partnered with Thorn and Moon along with Avant Garden to help raise money for The Wilde Collection to rebuild after a horrible terrorist firebombing of their home and shop.

In 2020, The VCH has chosen Friends For Life No Kill Animal Shelter as our charity of choice. 10% of the sales of our products will go to this wonderful charity!

Charity is but one factor in our global and local leadership of the community.

To continue being the global voice of the real vampire and artistic subculture community The VCH is active on multiple media sites.

When possible, we host public meetings and events regularly. We look forward to moving past this global crisis and returning to these wonderful events.

Promotion of the Arts

The VCH promoting of the arts is achieved by working with local artists and venues to support and promote events.

In 2017 The VCH worked with Alley Theater to promote “Let the Right One In”

Another example of artistic promotion, The VCH worked with various movie houses to give away free passes to encourage independent and limited release films.

The VCH promotes local performance art and artists using our social media. The free service we provide results in greater outreach and awareness for the artists we support.


The VCH and its members share their expertise and experiences to create a rich, dynamic learning environment.

Though public lectures, media appearances, the use of social media and live video, The VCH has an expansive body of work about alternative subcultures and art!

Products and Services

The VCH will be producing the podcast Vampire Court of Houston available on all major podcast services. We also produce a line of products on our Etsy Store and Ebay Store.

Contact The Vampire Court of Houston!

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/vampirecourtofhouston

Twitter page –

Instagram –

Thank you for your time in learning a little about us! We hope you enjoyed and learned something about our past and our plans for the future. If you wish to contact Michael Vachmiel, you may do so on the Contact page, or at any of the links listed in this article.

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Courtier’s Court International is a production of The Vampire Court of Houston.

Courtier’s Court International, or CCI for short, is an international, professionally managed organization that acts as a unified court of real vampires, otherkin fae, therians or werewolves, witches, pagans, and those that dwell in the goth aesthetic and artistic underground of the culture!

CCI is also the online zine that searches for the best in arts and entertainment of the said subcultures! We hope that you are reading, sharing, liking, loving and enjoying!

While we are no Twilight Vampires Emos, we do look for the best art news, culture, style, fashion, entertainment, and more!

 Our current success is based on a simple rule! No politics, no trolls, no bullying! 
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